05. enhance network of colleagues

Managers of public enterprises, like all professionals, benefit from the continual interaction with their professional colleagues.  Through the use of social media, we will provide a forum for enhancing communications, sharing news and information, and thereby helping enrich the professional experience of our colleagues. 


04. Promote internships in urban management

Internships are a vital component of graduate education, and thus are required or encouraged in virtually all professional schools. We will work actively among graduates of the LBJ School in government careers as well as with their contacts and referral sources in the ongoing effort to identify the best possible internship opportunities for these graduate students.  


01. Support graduate education in urban management

We know the importance of graduate education in urban management as a foundation for a career in public service.  We enthusiastically support an urban management specialty at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin.  


02. Support the Mike Hogg Professor in urban management

Graduate education in urban management at the LBJ School requires the continued leadership of its extraordinary faculty.  We are committed to support in every way the continued appointment of scholar/practitioners as the Mike Hogg Professor in Urban Management. 


03. Promote growth in the terrell blodgett endowment

The Terrell Blodgett Endowment for Government Services in Urban Management and Finance funds second year students at the LBJ School who are interested in urban management and finance.  The fellowships have been awarded to more than two dozen LBJ students over the years.  Our goal is to encourage continuing contributions to the Endowment from persons who share our belief and commitment to the importance of graduate education in urban management.