Ashley Barraza, Project Management Analyst, City of Richardson

2017 Blodgett Fellow

2017 Blodgett fellows

Stacey Pfefferkorn, Management Analyst, City of Round Rock's City Manager's Office

2017 Blodgett Fellow

The LBJ School named two recipients of the Blodgett Endowment for 2017, bringing to 29 the number of graduate students receiving the award since it was established.  This year's awards are to Ashley Barraza and Stacey Pfefferkorn, shown in the photo below with Terrell Blodgett who presented each of them with a framed copy of the Athenian Oath, a reminder of the high calling represented by service to the city.  


A profession is defined by the practical application of knowledge acquired through specialized education and experience.  

                                        Ashley Barraza recently received                                            her Master of Public Affairs from                                            the LBJ School at the University                                              of Texas at Austin and currently                                              works for the City of Richardson,                                            a suburb north of Dallas. She                                                  began her time with the City as a                                          summer intern in the City                                                      Manager's Office and now serves                                            as a project management analyst                                            assisting various department's                                                with process improvement efforts                                          by providing research and project  management support. Ashley graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Professional Studies. In addition to cheering on the Irish and her other favorite sports teams, she enjoys trying out new restaurants, discovering new country music favorites, and spending time outdoors.      ​

                                             Stacey Pfefferkorn is an

                                             Austin native who loves                                                     spending time with her                                                     family and friends, being                                                   outdoors and cooking in her                                               spare time. She has interned ====                                      at the Main Street Program                                               of San Marcos, the City                                                    Manager's Office in Kyle,                                                   the City Manager's Office in Round Rock, T                       Round Rock and currently                                                  works as a Management                                                    Analyst at the City Manager's Office in Round Rock, Texas. Local government is a passion of hers, in which she is the President of Citizens for Local and State Services, President of Women Leading Government, and an active member of Texas City Management Association (TCMA), International City Management Association (ICMA), and Urban Management Assistants of Central Texas (UMACT). 




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